You may be home bound and teleworking these next few weeks, yet there is a lot you can do. There are those that feel alone and forgotten. They are waiting for someone to reach out to them. Maybe they’re waiting for you to reach out!   Schedule time for “coffee” this week. Grab a cup and sit at your table and either FaceTime or call someone and encourage them to sit at their table with their cup and catch up. 


  • Your family.
  • Your friends – both close and far away.
  • Those whom you know are in need. 

Think about those who are hospitalized or in a Long-Term Care Facility. Because of new protocols, you cannot visit and they may not have phone access. Remember to mail them a note or a card! You may be the only one that reaches out to them in the coming days and they desperately want that communication. Who needs to hear from you now?

Think about the Small Businesses in your community that need your continued support.  Grab take-out from your favorite local restaurant and either enjoy it with your family or ask a family member or neighbor what they would like and deliver dinner to their door to enjoy.

Buy a gift certificate from your favorite local restaurant to use later or give it to a family member, neighbor, First Responder or Health Care Worker that may be exhausted as they serve greater numbers now.  You may also want to work with local school systems and your local restaurants to deliver meals for students that may not be receiving a hot daily meal because of school closures. 

If you are a retired teacher, there may be a parent that is assisting their child with lessons right now that may need your help – and you can assist virtually!

We have had many clients reach out to us and ask for advice and guidance on specific issues surrounding the COVID-19 situation, such as work from home policies, required technology to support that requirement, change management recommendations, and other issues that may come into play during this time. Because of our relationships with many specialty firms, we have been able to guide clients through these issues and provide answers to their questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions/concerns you may have and we will help you through whatever issue you are facing.

Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to stay ahead of this evolving situation, and we will communicate as often as possible with relevant information to help you move your business forward during these unprecedented times. 

Most importantly, all of us at Staffing One wish good health for you, your families, and your communities.  We can do this, together!

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