May is Mental Health Awareness Month! The purpose of this month is to raise awareness for Mental Health, advocate for mental wellness, and provide tools that can both educate and help instill healthy habits.

We hope you will review and share it with others.  We hope you will do something each day that brings you joy!

Mental Health Websites

  • A science-based meditation and mindfulness solution for the workplace.
  • Offers proven mindfulness programs that lead to healthier organizations from the inside out.

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Calm Business

  • The worlds #1 brand for mental fitness used to improve employee well-being by promoting better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety and developing more mindfulness.
  • Calm offers accessible effective content to meet the needs of your diverse workforce. You can access an ever-growing content library from any device, any time.

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  • Offers mental health services for your entire workforce. Behavioral coaching, therapy, psychiatry and self-care resources, all from the privacy of a smartphone.
  • Can chat via text 24/7, video chats with therapists or physiatrists are available quicker than most in-person appointments.
  • It is low cost, and inclusive for all age groups, languages ect.

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  • Put wellbeing in one place, at your employees fingertips and let each employee chose what works for them.
  • Employees can choose from a variety of vetted top-rated solutions such as; fitness, mental health, continuous learning, financial wellness and nutrition.
  • Offers in-person studios and gyms, livestreams and on demand workouts, mediation and mindfulness apps, financial wellness tools, healthy home delivered food, and audiobooks.

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  • Offers customizable wellness packages that include things such as table and chair massages, hair and beauty services, skincare services, yoga and meditation.
  • Provides services, virtually, in-office or hybrid.

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  • Fitness activity challenge platform for companies and organizations.
  • Includes a variety of challenge types for different fitness levels. Can be used individually or as a group. Can create challenges for steps, distance or active minutes.

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Mental Health Quizzes


Mental Health Activities 

  • In office/virtual yoga day
  • Gift exchange (Think Secret Santa but for wellness items under a certain amount.)
  • Mental Health off days
  • Workshops with Mental Health professional speakers
  • Installing quiet, or rest zones in office
  • In office massage chair day
  • Offer wellness reimbursement for off-site activities
  • Provide surveys for employees to suggest what they need and what works best for them

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