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See what our clients are saying about us

“For over a year now, Staffing One continues to provide a stress-free environment for our contract employees from start to finish that comprise:

• Hiring, drug screen, and back- ground checks to onboard new hires for a smooth transition
• Courteous, professional, and respectful approach toward their clients and contract staff
• Transparent timekeeping process for fast turn-around
• Detail-oriented invoices for prompt approval for payment
• Patience with allowing time for research of an occasional “lost” invoice
• Responsiveness to their clients’ needs
• World-class customer service that exceeds expectations

THANK YOU for always being easy to do business with! “

“What immediately comes to mind is that Staffing One is a smaller player and, therefore, appears to be more nimble than some of the other giant staffing agencies.”

“We have been working with Staffing One for many years and we value the relationship greatly. The thing that stands out for me is the personalized service from your staff, the quality of workers we are using and the accuracy of invoicing.”

“You display a relentless ethical diligence that engages customers which creates continuous access to decision makers, new opportunities and provides a basis for new ideas. Customers are attracted to your business philosophy that is nested in your moral and social values which in a profit oriented environment is refreshing and unfortunately rare.”

“The unique ability of Staffing One includes the “boutique feeling” staffing firm that believes in customer service and practices what they preach. Our company has had the privilege of working with Staffing One this past year and they placed one high level manager at our company. After numerous attempts to fill the position on our own without success, we turned to Staffing One and within a month we filled the position. They did such a great job on this first position that recently we gave them more business to fill a couple of open sales executive positions.”

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