Hopefully we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel as states reopen their retail and commercial businesses and start the healing process for our nation’s economy. 

As we embark on this new challenge, here are some thoughts and ideas that may help you jump start your business:

  • Focus on sales and marketing. Throw all your initial creativity, efforts and resources into re-generating revenue for the business.
  • Find the most efficient and effective ways to manage the operational side of your business, including A/P, A/R, billing, coding, admin, and a new position for many companies, COVID-19 screeners/monitors. Outsourcing may be a good short-term solution to many of these non-core, but essential needs.
  • 80/20 rule. Focus on your Top Tier clients, the 20% that generate 80% of your sales. They will continue to be your most valuable customers
  • More importantly, look to them to be a good source for referrals. They may have talked to their clients and fellow business owners during the shutdown and may have some good leads who could benefit from your products and services. These may be better leads than your 2nd & 3rd tier clients.
  • The Key Now: Be a value-added resource for your clients. Be able to offer them solutions and ideas for their needs and issues, whether or not it is related to your product/service offerings.

We want to help you create clarity for swift action as you determine what is essential in your business. As you think through those Need to Get Done Now! Projects that have a small timing runway, consider utilizing a company retiree or a former employee.  You probably already know a few looking for part-time or project work due to recent family changes such as now home-schooling kids or caring for elderly parents.  They know your company procedures, values, and systems and can often quickly jump back in to help.  

Here’s How We Can Help
From now through the end of August 2020, Staffing One will offer a 38% Payrolling mark up to help assist partners with those essential projects.  If an employee background screen is not required, we are able to onboard your (payrolling) employee within 24 hours. This employee(s) will be paid weekly at the pay rate you determine. Your project can last as short or as long as needed during 2020.  

We hope this will provide you time to sort out long range plans while markets stabilize and we get on the other side of the pandemic. If we can help, or if you’re interested in learning more, we’re always happy to meet you virtually on ZOOM. Bring your coffee and we will talk it through.  

We hope some of these ideas may be beneficial for you. Our hope and prayer is that we are all as successful in our economic recovery as we were resilient in fighting the pandemic. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

We wish you continued health and safety during this unprecedented time from all of us at Staffing One: Crystal Blackwell, Tenera McPherson, John Pekas and Melonnye Puckett.

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