Every December, the Staffing One Team participates in a “Day Of Giving”. We work with a local charity in one of their Holiday efforts. This year, due to COVID, there are so many more in need due to job losses.

Tenera and I spent yesterday afternoon at The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Warehouse in suburban Atlanta fulfilling orders for Children and Seniors in need this Christmas Season. We had a great time working with volunteers from across Atlanta and the Salvation Army Angel Tree Team. Here is what we learned from our experience yesterday: The Salvation Army’s Atlanta office will serve over 9000 families in Metro Atlanta this Christmas Season providing clothing, needed household items, and toys. Sadly, there are so many more families in need, not only in Metro Atlanta but across the United States this year. Simply because of this pandemic, many families that have never requested help need our help this year to bring joy to their loved ones. There are also fewer volunteers this year to assist local charities in their efforts to assist due to COVID.

We can all give back! Please consider adopting a Child or a Senior through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Ministry in your respective communities. Check out your local Salvation Army’s site to find out how you can help. Once you adopt a Child or a Senior, you can go to Amazon and purchase gifts and have them shipped directly to local Angel Tree warehouses. Because of Salvation Army’s tracking system, you can rest assured your gifts will go to the specific Child or

Senior you adopted. (We learned this first hand as we filled gift bags with gifts from those who had adopted someone!)

You may also consider going to a local Wal-Mart or Target and paying the layaway for a family buying toys for their children for Christmas. A dear friend emailed this idea to me on Thanksgiving Day and I think it is a great opportunity to be a Secret Santa to a family in need this year.

One other idea: Please also consider donating to a Local Food Bank this year. Many families that have never needed assistance are flooding Food Banks and stripping their capabilities during this time. You may have seen the graphic photo from Houston with thousands of cars just before Thanksgiving with families waiting to pick up food from a local Food Bank.

All it takes is one person giving of their time, treasure, or talents to make a difference. Won’t you harness The Power of One in your community this Holiday Season? Be the blessing that someone needs to see as we end 2020!

Thank all of you for being a blessing to our Staffing One Team this year!

Best Wishes for a Joyous Holiday Season,

– Tenera, Crystal, John and Mel

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