When you are in a job search, it’s not easy to think of “giving back” to others or your community, but that might be just what you need to do! When you volunteer your time and see the impact it has on others, it helps improve your self-confidence and recharge your internal battery. It can get very lonely when you are spending most of your time alone at home staring at your computer!

Never underestimate the value of meeting people in all walks of life. Every single person who is employed could possibly open a door for you that could lead to your next interview or job offer. Many business people volunteer their time and often major corporations encourage their employees to volunteer and give back to the community. As you volunteer your time you are also revealing some of your talents, for example: strong written and verbal communication skills, organizational abilities, leadership, or the ability to help manage projects, work with others or raise money.

Try to volunteer for organizations where you have a personal interest. For example, an HR Executive volunteered in a non-profit sports program for young men in Chicago. After realizing his leadership abilities and love of sports, he accepted a paid position as the Program Administrator and has never been happier.

The distraction of helping others who are less fortunate often results in feelings of joy, a feeling of accomplishment and gratitude that you were able to help others. This helps you overcome the frustrations of your job search, especially if it has taken longer than you had anticipated. Seek out opportunities to give back and who knows, you may end up getting more than you give. What goes around comes around – and if nothing else you will know you’ve made a difference in the life of someone else.


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Tuesday, July 24th @ 1:00 pm EST (10:00 am PST, 11:00 am MST, 12:00 pm CST)

A telephone interview is much different than a face-to-face interview, but they often lead to a face-to-face meeting. Employers are scheduling telephone interviews more frequently because of time and expense. During this session, you will learn the following:

How to conduct an effective telephone interview.

When you should suggest a telephone interview.

The best way to convert a phone interview to a face-to-face interview.

Pitfalls to avoid.

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