When you are marketing yourself to hiring authorities you will need to complete the following steps:
  • Make a list of companies you plan to target
  • Conduct research to determine if your targeted company hires individuals with your credentials and experience. If you are a recent grad, do they have a history of hiring recent graduates?
  • Conduct extensive research on the company, including reading press and media which is the most recent information written about companies by others. Set up Google Alerts to stay current on company information being posted on the internet.
  • Determine who would be your direct report and then identify their boss and their bosses boss – which is who you want to target.
  • Google the name of the individuals you are targeting and obtain additional information about them on LinkedIn.
  • Send a hard copy of your Resume or CV to your targeted person with the words “Personal and Confidential” written on the envelope – lower left-hand corner. Include a customized cover letter that informs your target that you will be calling within the next week. Focus the cover letter on the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) for the person you are targeting.
  • Call your targeted employer to express your high level of interest in working for their company, (specific reasons) and your confidence that you would be a great asset. (stress past accomplishments and impact)
  • If someone tries to screen out your call you state “He/She is expecting my call” (you did state in your cover letter that you would be calling. Or you can say “It’s personal” because your job search is personal. If you can’t schedule an interview, request an informational interview or ask for referrals to any business associates who may have a need for someone with your credentials and experience. Add this person to your network and stay in touch. Timing is everything in a job search. When someone tells you “no” – you must hear “not now.”
Follow this advice, and you will put momentum behind your job search and you will obtain better results.

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