About Staffing One

Staffing One provides cost-effective staffing solutions for private industry and federal, state, and local government entities. With a combined team history of over 50 years of industry experience, Staffing One works in tandem with clients to excel at delivery of innovative staffing solutions. Performance Is Our Promise!

The team at Staffing One is comprised of management and former executives of national staffing, accounting and facilities management firms. We are extremely adept at working with a variety of clients in order to ascertain desired workflow results. Those results create a staffing model that will maximize opportunities for both our clients and employees.

Our Mission

Staffing One is dedicated to providing superior services for our clients while preserving uncompromising integrity in all dealings. Our ongoing success is dependent upon skill, intensity, commitment, and spirit of all Staffing One employees and our ability to provide a unique, challenging, and caring environment characterized by fairness, trust, and mutual respect.

Uncompromising Integrity
We shall be honest, fair and consistent, living up to both the letter and spirit of honorable conduct. Mutual trust will be the foundation of all of our relationships.

Focus on Clients' Needs
We shall consistently seek to understand the needs of our clients, to provide superior staffing services to meet those needs, and to earn their trust, respect, and confidence.

Quality and Excellence
We shall require quality and excellence in everything we do: our client services, the professionalism of our temporary and staff employees, and our service to the community.

Open, Caring, Challenging and Equitable Environment
We shall provide an open, caring, challenging and equitable environment in which all employees take pride, are encouraged to develop to their full potential, and are fairly rewarded for their contributions.