"I count on Staffing One to understand our business well enough to send us candidates for our positions that are qualified and will be a fit with our staff. You have done an excellent job at that time and time again. You are a firm of your word, and I have come to know that I can count on that with you. In my opinion, I couldn't give you a higher compliment."

Vice President, Operations, Regional Banking Client

"Your unique abilities are the following:

  • Commitment and dedication to any project you take on.
  • Loyalty to your client, employee and vendor relationships.
  • Aggressive and consistent intent on business development.
  • Understanding of the complexities of project management.

President, National Show Management Client

"You have always shown your willingness to give to others, not just in a charitable manner by writing a check, but in other ways. For example, you are willing to train and mentor individuals that you perceive to have talent that may not have been appreciated by others, and you have an unselfish manner in which you give that time to their development."

Vice President, Customer Service Management, Fortune 50 Client

"Several firms had visited me offering what I perceived were the same type of staffing services, but I instantly felt rapport and trust with Staffing One. I wanted to do business with your firm. I also, over time, have found that you are willing to go the extra mile to help and to maintain what you have agreed to deliver."

Vice President, National Financial Services Client

"You display a relentless ethical diligence that engages customers which creates continuous access to decision makers, new opportunities and provides a basis for new ideas. Customers are attracted to your business philosophy that is nested in your moral and social values which in a profit-oriented environment is refreshing and unfortunately, rare."

CEO, National Consulting Client

"Your ability to earn one's trust and keep that trust in professional and personal situations is foremost. I feel anyone would find your firm's character as being of uncompromising integrity. Your hard work has brought a great deal of success to our firm!"

Vice President of Sales, National Chemical Manufacturing Client